We are one of the few companies
in Bulgaria, which can design, produce
and make for you a fireplace stove, an oven-oven or a barbecue with refractory bricks

For your refined taste Kamenar Group Ltd designs, manufactures and installs fireplaces, ovens, and barbecues with guaranteed excellent quality, design and functionality

  • Classic fireplaces (with refractory bricks) of natural stone, consistent with the interior of the room
  • Fireplaces with modern design, suitable for your modern home or office
  • Fireplaces in old-fashioned style for your home comfort, made of hand carved stone.
  • Fireplaces with chambers for functional heating of your home, cottage or office.


Bulgaria, Bratsigovo, ‘Treti Mart’ St. 72

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Monday – Friday
08:00 AM – 05:00 PM
With a prior arrangement


+359 899 925 601


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